Q&A with softball player Rylee Frager

Haley Waughtal

Q: Why do you enjoy playing softball?

A: “I enjoy playing softball at the high school mainly because of the friendships I’ve made through playing. Obviously I love the success that we’ve had this season so far, but when it comes down to it, the relationships are really what makes playing worth it.”

Q: What is the team dynamic like?

A: “Our team dynamic this year is great, we’re a lot closer that we’ve been in previous years, and we all share the same goals which really allows us to work together well. Playing well is so rewarding. Each starter on our team has had their own personal successes, and we seem to rub off on each other when we’re playing well.”

Q: How does doing so well make you and your team feel?

A: “Personally, this is by far the best season of softball I’ve ever played. I’m very pleased with how hard the team has been working. You can really see our hard work and chemistry translate into the way that we execute on the field, and it’s definitely pushing us to continue working for success this season.”