Panther Personalities: Evan Cotterill Shares His Hidden Talents


Photo by Kaidence Williams

Abigail Kuhn, Copy Editor

It’s not every day that a student can be spotted riding around campus on a unicycle, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Junior Evan Cotterill loves to surprise others by showing off his unique talents.

I can ride a unicycle, I can juggle… and I can play hacky sack pretty well,” Cotterill said.

Cotterill enjoys combining his skills and using timing to his advantage.

“I like having a bunch of different talents because I think it’s really funny to just start going and then people are like ‘Wow, I didn’t know you could do that.’”

Cotterill likes to keep his knack for the eccentric to himself but makes sure to share when it is convenient and usually comedic.

“I tell people when it’s funny, for sure. I usually keep it to myself because I don’t want that to be my main defining feature, so whenever it’s optimal I just have a unicycle or a hacky sack, or I just start juggling and it’s usually a pretty fun surprise.”

Cotterill has been unicycling since sixth grade and began playing hacky sack a year later, allowing him time to improve his skills to an impressive and uncommon level.