Senior Lanae Hostetler makes her mark in theater


Senior, Lanae Hostetler

William Henderson

Whether she’s standing on the stage while the lights come on or at work when the doors open, senior Lanae Hostetler pushes herself in all aspects of her life. 

Originally attracted to theater by the idea of acting and the community it entails, Hostetler has been an active member of the drama department for all four years of her high school career.

Her favorite part of theater is working behind the scenes.

“I like creating the sound effects that we play in the shows, and getting to actually play them,” she said.

Hostetler juggles her time between theater, band, a job at Olive Garden and her own personal life. 

“Oftentimes, if I end up acting in our upcoming show, I’ll have to actually change my availability to only work one day a week,” she said. 

Although she dedicates much of her time to theater, she does not plan on making that her career. She plans to focus on her more musical side– and pursue a career in music education.