Christensen: Bob Lutz provides insight into journalism

Chloe Christensen

December 5, 2018

Bob Lutz was a former Wichita Eagle writer for 43 years and now has a radio show called “The Drive” with his son, Jeff Lutz. Bob Lutz gave very insightful information on what it takes to be a good journalist. Lutz was ...

Jones: Teens need more info on voting

Olivia Jones

November 5, 2018

High school students don’t know enough about politics. All we learn is that there are Republicans and Democrats. We learn more about the politics our country was founded on than we do about the politics that determin...

Sidney Gore: Surround yourself with positivity, not negativity

October 1, 2018

This column appeared in the Sept. 26 issue of the Panther's Tale Today did you hear someone talk about how much they hate someone? Or how much someone wants to die? Or maybe it was even you, saying that you totally just failed...

EllieAna Hale: Students overworked on the regular

September 29, 2018

This column appeared in the Sept. 26 issue of the Panther's Tale Shoved into a room. Heads packed with new information. Work hard. Expect nothing. We live on a calendar. Too afraid to fall off a schedule. We are overworked, as if we ar...

Payton O’Brien: Military life is tough, wonderful

Payton O'Brien

September 26, 2018

The military is a big part of America. We are always doing things to support our troops who risk their lives for us, but no one ever actually pays attention to the struggles of military life. The Air Force has been a big par...

Caitlyn Dunn: Retrospective on Homecoming

Caitlyn Dunn

September 26, 2018

When I think of Homecoming, I think of the crowded mall, the smell of hairspray, high heels that nobody can walk in but still buy them for pictures, and music we have listened to since our first sixth grade dance. Homecomin...

Move to Chromebooks truly a … joy

Leah Khanu, Online editor

September 7, 2018

They’re small. They’re lightweight. They’re the brand new Chromebooks and they’re available for our usage. They allow you to connect to the internet. Sure, it’s not as fast as a Mac, but now you have plenty of time to ...

Mullen: Is PDA really that big of a deal?

Audrey Mullen

May 16, 2018

  Schools have students who kiss, hug, or hold hands in the hallways and have people who are in relationships. Some are more serious than others, but all are attending Derby High School. Some teachers and students have taken it upo...

Message to mom: Without you, I would break

Karina Salinas

May 11, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day! Mom, I’ll be honest. I’m not the best daughter anyone could have. In fact, I worry you, stress you out and am often impolite. Behind every eye roll and sarcastic bark, there is an ‘I lov...

Sentimental goodbye to the class of 2018 from a junior

Promise Asher

May 9, 2018

It’s not typical for me to become too sentimental about things. I am usually someone who is able to close doors and await new ones to open. But watching the seniors go, that’s a different story. Over the past year I h...

Asher: Junior year’s the toughest

Promise Asher, Yearbook copy editor

May 4, 2018

I still remember the months leading up to junior year, everyone told me it would be the hardest year yet. And I can’t help but say that they were right. Junior year is the hardest because your classes increase in difficulty, there is mo...

Hale: Reaching out makes all the difference to teens in pain

EllieAna Hale, Special to

May 3, 2018

Have you ever heard the question, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around, will it make a sound?” I’m starting to believe that this philosophy applies to teens as well, and I don’t understand why we aren't chang...