Waughtal review: Among Us is a fun, cute game

Haley Waughtal

Among Us is a game of murder and lying, but cute. 

Among Us based on two things. Either you are a crewmate given tasks that you must complete to win the round, or you’re an imposter and must kill the crewmates while blending in.
Innersloth is the developing team that created Among Us. The team has only three people on it, giving room for a lot of issues to occur with the sudden increase in players. These issues include packets not acking and simply being disconnected even with good wifi.

The servers that the games are played on overload and then shut down in turn. Another new occurrence that has risen with the popularity of the game is hackers. Often when joining a lobby you can tell right away that the game is not right, from colors changing in and out without your permission or your name not being what you set it as.

Though these issues can be really annoying the game has many pros that make up for the cons. The rush of adrenaline that comes from being imposter and having to lie about it is riveting. Killing people and getting away with it seems devious, but still exciting. As a crewmate running away from someone that you know is the imposter is terrifying, but gives so much exhilaration. 

Among Us’ rise in popularity isn’t a surprise. Not only can you make friends while playing the game, the memes are hilarious. 

Memes started popping up on all social media platforms — Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok, even Facebook. Many of these memes are the reason people ended up playing. Streaming is also a big way that many people have found the game.

The game may have issues, but these issues don’t overpower the good things about the game. I don’t expect the game to die down any time soon as it is growing and it is growing fast.