Page 1: Mask rules haven’t changed

Kyle DeVault

The Rules Haven’t Changed

Although Derby schools still have a mask mandate, walking through the halls at the high school, you wouldn’t know, as many students wear their mask under their nose, under their chin, or don’t wear one at all. 

On March 22, the Derby School Board voted 4-3 to continue requiring all students and staff to wear masks. 

Until March 16, schools had to require face masks based on a mandate from the Sedgwick County Commission. That mandate was recently lifted. 

Social distancing and masks have been required since school started in September. 

The school board was divided. They debated for about an hour until they finally came to a conclusion. 

Students also have mixed opinions on the topic. 

Of 300 students surveyed by Panthers Tale, 45.7% believed masks should be mandated.

“Keeping masks lets us have better control of the virus. Until people get vaccinated I think it’s a good idea,” sophomore Kylee Cotten said.

These students don’t particularly like wearing masks but they do it to keep themselves and others safe.

“I still don’t like them but I know why we have to wear them,” Cotten said, “but I think that they have helped quite a bit. I know it’s not 100 percent but it still helps.”

On the other hand, some students believe masks are just an inconvenience. 

“I don’t think that masks help much and kids our age arent even affected by the virus,” sophomore Isaac Hadley said.

These students think masks are more trouble than they are worth.  

“I haven’t adapted very well. I forget to bring them places a lot, they make it hard to breathe, it’s bad for your skin, and I can’t hear anyone in public,” Hadley said. “They have helped somewhat but not as much as you would think.