Page 3: Delving into zodiac meanings

Nik Shay

Created by the Babylonians, the zodiac has been something of interest for centuries among young and old people alike.

The zodiac is divided into four categories of signs; air, water, fire and earth. Each sign correlates with a specific half of a month with a lunar moon.

Zodiac signs are typically a popular topic to discuss among friends or random strangers that you’d like to get to know. 

You can find your birth chart on free websites by using the location, date and time of your birth. Friends compare their birth charts to analyze aspects of their personality. 

Those who are deeply interested in zodiac signs tend to have their own opinion on each sign. Some people love Capricorns, others hate Geminis with a burning passion.

Some people also use zodiac signs to determine whether other people would be a good match for them, platonically or romantically. For example, the attributes of Taureans and Cancers are typically considered to go together very well.  Leos and Capricorns, however, don’t normally mesh well together. 

Capricorn – Represented by the goat, Capricorns are known for their stubbornness and innate desire for success. They won’t let anyone stand in their way between them and what they want.

Taurus – Down-to-earth and meticulous, Tauruses are represented by the bull. Their compassion and kindness are unmatched, and they strive to make the world better. However, being represented by the bull, bystanders should be careful when Taurus decides to rampage. “My dad is also a Taurus, and he and I are very alike. I think we’re both ambitious and hard-working, but also very stubborn and perfectionists in a lot of ways,” freshman Addison Legget said.

Pisces – Soft, gentle and compassionate, Pisces are pleasant people to be around. Pisces are represented by the fish. They tend to appreciate the fine arts and daydream about things that will never happen to them, all the while being timid. “My favorite zodiac is Pisces only because I am one, but Pisces men scare me. Also you can just tell when someone is a Scorpio. Man, just run,” sophomore Mia Davis said.

Scorpio – Filled with emotions as intense as a scorpion sting, Scorpios are determined to succeed and have a hard time keeping their emotions inside. Scorpios are represented by the scorpion. While cool and calm normally, their emotions can be released at any moment.

Virgo – The most feminine sign, Virgos, are represented by virgins. Graceful, intelligent and breathtaking, Virgos are humanitarians and graceful in appearance. They know exactly how to talk to people. 

Leo – The domination and natural leaders of the zodiac, Leos, represented by the lion, are extroverts and ambitious. They can grow up to be amazing leaders and bosses, able to effectively organize people in a setting and convincing those around them their way is the right way. 

Aries – Repped by the ram, those with the Aries zodiac sign are independent and welcome new change with open arms. Mars and fire are typically associated with Aries, showing their fiery passion and undying independence.

Sagittarius – Exploring the world is Saggitarius. Sagittarius’ are happy, encouraging everyone around them even in their darkest moments. They also have great organizational skills and are multi-talented. 

Libra – Born under this star is the elegant and ever-so-loving Libras. Fashion sense comes, striking everyone with their clothes. They are social and intuitive, brightening everyone’s day with their sunny dispositions.

Cancer – Living in the past and dearly holding on to their memories are Cancers. Cancers are represented by a crab, hiding within themselves and hesitating to open up to people. 

Aquarius – Strong in their conviction but open to new ideas and experiences, Aquariuses are enthusiastic. They can be fussy about what they like and dislike, which can put a rift between them and their family. Represented by a water bearer, they are not afraid to speak what’s on their mind.

Gemini – The third sign in the astrology system, Geminis are known for their communication. One of the most social signs and represented by twins, Geminis can become great communicators and leaders with their communication skills.