Experiences working

Samantha Perez

Every student has their own story. They all live different lives, nbut that does not mean they do not have similar experiences.

Junior Mackenzie Sarabia has started working as a hostess.

Why does she work?

“Because I like the money. And I like to spend my money on my friends,” she said.

She catches up with her homework either over the weekend or right when she gets home from school. Her past job was not so great to deal with before becoming a host.

“The people there were all dramatic and just loved drama,” she said.

Senior Amelia Phommachanh is a nail technician.

“I love the community that we have. I have a fun staff we all work well together,” she said. “The part that sucks is that we work from 9-7 and we don’t have breaks. No eating and no food.”

So how does she manage to catch up with her school work?

“My classes are super easy at school because I’m a senior,” she said. “I have to have a full term, but I have most of my credits out of the way. I’ve already taken some college classes, so I’m on track with my time.”

Her goals are to get her own place and save up for college.

Junior Ella Ahlmann works as a trainee at Subway.

How does she catch up with her school work?

“I try to finish after work. I look over my schedules when they are in, so I can make sure I have the time to finish my assignments,” she said.

There is a lot of options someone can have after receiving money from working. Ahlmann likes to save up her money on games she would like to use on. Depending if it is likable or not it just depends on the experience of surroundings.

“I like the freedom of it. It doesn’t really get busy either, the only thing I don’t like about the job are the customers,” she said.