Student section bleachers fine for tonight’s football game against Maize

Gretta McEntire

Near the end of the Oct. 8 football game, there was a loud bang and those in the second row of the student section suddenly fell off the bench they were standing on. 

The second row bench broke away from the stands, which

were installed over the summer as part of the $7 million renovations.

“The reports that I have thus far is that, in typical fashion, our kids stand on the bench instead of the platform part,” principal Tim Hamblin said. “So our kids were doing that as kids do in every student section at every high school — standing, jumping, getting excited. And at one point the bench just gave way.”

DHS’ administration has been in communication with the contractor that oversaw the installation of the bleachers. The company sent a crew to inspect the broken bench and also check all the bleachers to make sure they are safe for tonight’s game against Maize.

As a result the student section will be in the same spot.