Do you believe DHS should have an open lunch?

Kyle DeVault

Q: Do you believe DHS should have an open lunch?

A: “Yeah because then I could eat non-school food.”

  • Isaac Hadley

A: “Definitely, especially with the new form of Covid going around. I think it would help thin out the lunch room to make for less spreading.”

– Hayden Winters

A: “Yes, I do think we should, but only for seniors and juniors because our school keeps running out of food, delaying students eating time, and there is way too much crowding in the lunchroom. Or we could be like Wichita and get food trucks.”

  • Talia Ransom

A: “Of course because it would be more convenient for more time to eat lunch so you’ll be more likely to not be late to your next class and have more of a chance to eat at all. Plus you would get to choose what you want to eat.”

– Leilani Schnelle

A: “I believe the school should let the upperclassmen have open lunch because everyone knows that the upperclassmen should be more mature and junior and seniors can drive themselves. If the students have the nerves to skip school, that’s on them and their parents, not so much the business of the school admin.”

– Cassie Vargas