Taylor Swift rereleases her album Red

Hailey Jeffery

Swifies, aka Taylor Swift fans, have had an eventful two weeks.

“Last Week was so exciting as a swiftie because we got a whole 30 track album plus a short film and a new music video from the vault and it was personally exciting just because Red has been so significant in my life,” senior Kyli Bailey. 

Swift’s album, Reputation, had it’s four year anniversary on Nov. 10th. 

(My favorite song) would be ‘This is why we can’t have nice things’ because the beat was really good and me and my mom would sing it all the time,” freshman Dakota Trowbrige said. 

Swift released her second re-released album, Red, on Nov. 12. With the re-released songs, she also released nine new songs from the vault (never heard before songs)

“My favorite vault song is probably a tie between Nothing new and the very first night. I love Taylor and Phoebe’s voices together on Nothing new and Phoebe is one of my favorite artists along with Taylor, so I love that they collaborated on Red. The very first night is so fun and happy, it puts me in such a good mood,” Kyli Bailey said.  

After Swift releases new music, her fans do different things to celebrate.

“I get really excited and I listen to it all the way through, if it’s one of her re-released albums I compare it to the old tracks,” junior Livie Heseltine said. 

For some, they have been Swifties for most of their lives.

“I’ve been a swiftie since kindergarten and my favorite memory connected with an era is getting ready for school while listening to the Speak Now album all day everyday too, because that’s the only way my mom and sister could get me out of bed,” junior Sara Collins said.